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It is my goal to provide the best service to every patient. The words of my patients say it all.

Here are some of my patients’ testimonials and stories. As you read them, you will also get acquainted with me.

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PCOS, natural pregnancy, 32y

6 months ago, I was ready to give up conceiving naturally......Lin’s treatments and she was very upfront with me about my condition. She told me that it will take at least 3 months to take effect, I agreed to her suggestions of doing both acupuncture and taking the Chinese medicine. 3 months later, I was pregnant!...more...I believe Lin is the best practitioner you can get. She is very very professional, patient, caring, understanding and at the same time also honest and transparent with her treatments. Whenever I had any queries, I could just reach out to her easily for support. She has nurtured an environment for her patients that is very comforting and reliable. I am eternally grateful for Lin’s help.

Wendy, Warrington

Recurring Miscarriage

After suffering a devastating 3 early miscarriages in 12 months I saw Lin for acupuncture prior to conception for my 4th pregnancy. I had treatment every week, then once I had a positive test twice a week. I found the acupuncture relaxing and knew I was doing something to help progress the pregnancy. I stopped the treatment at 13 weeks pregnant, and continued to have a healthy normal pregnancy. Having a baby girl at 40 weeks. I can’t thank Lin enough for all the treatment she gave me and I will without doubt have acupuncture again prior to conceiving my next pregnancy. The service she provides is professional and caring, and I would recommend it for anyone having fertility issues.

LN, Stockport

PCOS, natural pregnancy, 30y

I suffer from PCOS and had a very irregular periods. We were trying to conceive for over 1 year without any success when I visited Lin who I found to be a very friendly, realistic and honest person. I began the treatment with Lin on weekly basis ( acupuncture sessions with Chinese herbs) and after few months I found my pregnancy test to be positive! I kept having the acupuncture as the miscarriage prevention and later in pregnancy I again used Chinese herbs from Lin to fight the morning sickness. And this little healthy boy is the result! I will always be grateful for him.

AS, Manchester

IVF, 36y

I was visiting Lin on a weekly basis to aid with fertility before our diagnosis. My husband was diagnosed with low morphology and motility, therefore we were told IVF/ICSI was required. After a little persuasion, my husband also decided to visit Lin on a weekly basis. We immediately clicked with Lin and for both of us felt the stress and worry associated with infertility completely disappear over time. I always felt so relaxed and positive after a session. We started our first round of IVF in March 2014. We were thrilled to find out my husband’s sperm analysis had increased by a third since he started sessions with Lin, and we are absolutely delighted that the outcome was positive and we are now 15 weeks pregnant with our first baby. We cannot thank Lin enough for her expertise and positivity over the past couple of years. She has been our rock through fertility treatment and has made our dreams come true.

JB, Bowdon

PCOS, natural pregnancy, 31y

After trying for a baby for over 12 months I was diagnosed with Polycystc Ovaries and further tests revealed I was not ovulating. I was then referred to my local fertility clinic and whilst waiting for an appointment decided to look into alternative medicines. After researching the various practices I came across Lin’s website and decided to try acupuncture, even though I am terrified of needles! Lin was very professional and made me feel relaxed and comfortable and I couldn’t even feel the needles. After six sessions I finally became pregnant and I am now 16 weeks! My partner and I are so happy and would like to thank Lin she made our dreams come true, I would definitely recommend Lin to anybody that is having fertility problems.

CS, Manchester

IVF, first cycle, 37y

... We started seeing Lin in the November, 2 months prior to our procedure, with weekly visits. She offered frank advice and put us at ease every step of the way.

Come the time of the procedure in the lead up and testing, amazingly every measure of readiness to engage in IVF was perfect! Far from the first time we had undergone the procedure and much to the surprise of the clinic administering the procedure.more...We will always be grateful to her.

Mr&Mrs T, Manchester

Fertility, natural pregnancy, 38y

I first met with Lin around 6 months ago to seek help with fertility problems. Hospital results had shown that I was a little high in one ‘normal’ hormone level and a little lower than the norm in another. I explained to Lin that IVF was not an option for us. Lin immediately put my mind at rest saying that my results were fairly normal and that conception could be possible. Lin felt that initially I had a low flow of energy and a sluggish kidney function. After a period of three-month treatment Lin believed that I was in a better position than when I had first started. One month later I found out that I was pregnant and am now nearly finished the first trimester. I can’t thank Lin enough for her helping hand – we had been trying to conceive for a long time and I would like to think that the treatment has played an important part in aiding conception. I would thoroughly recommend Lin’s care, knowledge and professionalism.

EB, Romiley

Fertility, natural pregnancy, 36y

I visited Lin on a weekly basis to aid with fertility. I immediately felt at ease and I felt like a weight of worry had lifted from me from the very first appointment. I’ve had acupuncture before but I didn’t feel this relaxed afterwards. I had been trying for a baby for nearly two years and I was beginning to feel very upset with the situation. My husband noticed the difference in my outlook straight away, I felt so much more positive and Lin had advised me to chart my cycle which made me feel I had a level of control.

I fell pregnant on my first cycle; I was and still am in shock as I never thought it would happen to me. I cannot recommend Lin enough to anyone who is trying to have a baby. I am 17 weeks pregnant now and she has helped me through morning sickness too. I will go back to Lin from 36 week to prepare my body for the birth. Thank you Lin, you have given me the greatest gift in the world!

Many thanks!

CM, Northenden

IVF, miscarriage prevention, 39y

I came to Lin in autumn 2012 after trying to get pregnant for three long years. She immediately made me feel at ease and is not only a truly gifted acupuncturist but extremely supportive on top of that. I was referred for IVF fertility In October after unexplained infertility and I began treatment with Lin straight away (Pre and post egg transfer to aid stimulation and had successful number of eggs). I found out just before Christmas that I was pregnant on my first round of IVF and continued to have acupuncture treatment and moxibustion technique up and till week 20 to avoid risk of miscarry. I have no doubt that Lin’s talents played a big part in finally conceiving. The treatments I feel alleviated my stress and kept me calm and gave me energy enabling me to enjoy the early stages much more than I’d expected to. We have 12 weeks to go and would not hesitate to go back to Lin again for all manner of ailments. We can’t recommend her enough, she’s fantastic!

MM, Northenden


When choosing to undergo acupuncture along with my IVF cycle, Lin helped me clearly understand the benefits & the process of supporting IVF with acupuncture. Lin was extremely flexible during my IVF treatment to flex appointments to fit in around the unpredictable cycle which IVF is.more...I now would never go through this IVF experience without acupuncture again.

Karen, Poynton

Stress, insomnia, fatigue

Acupuncture is now a positive part of my life. I came to see Lin as a ball of stress, knotted up, exhausted and sleeping badly. My GP wanted to put me on anti-depressants. I was at a low ebb.

Lin listened to me.She took on board everything that was affecting me, without judgment. Within a few sessions my sleeping pattern returned to normal, my energy levels were raised and I felt able to cope with my stressful job once more.

I can’t say how great acupuncture is, but really the difference is the practitioner. Lin exudes warmth, compassion, knowledge, patience and understanding. She isn’t the first acupuncturist I’ve tried, but she is the best.

Mandy, Didsbury

Fertility, incomplete fallopian tube blockage, 36y

My husband and I had been trying to conceive with no success for almost 2 years. We were on the waiting list for NHS IVF...was really impressed by Lin's CV...After approximately 12 weeks treatment, my husband and I had a positive pregnancy test and were cautiously delighted. more...

Amanda, Macclesfield

Neck, shoulder, upper back pain & restricted movement

I have been battling with a pain in my sternum/chest due to a trauma I had to this area over 10 years ago...My first session with Lin was wonderful. She was very friendly and listened to my problem with great care and attention. She reassured me with what she was going to do and where on my body the needles would go. After the treatment the results were instant. I could move my arms much more freely and the pain levels decreased dramatically. I was amazed!!more...

Katy, Sale

Crohn's disease

...Lin managed to increase my energy levels, which continue to be strong. She has also been able to reduce the number of daily visits I make to the toilet from 5-6, to 1-2. For obvious reasons, this has made both my working and social life less stressful! Lin has also increased my understanding of myself and Crohn's disease by providing me with information which has allowed me to manage my diet so that I can reduce any daily symptoms. In all, Lin has made me feel confident that I am the boss of the disease, rather than the disease being the boss of me.more...

Jonny, Didsbury

IVF, Miscarriage

After several unsuccessful attempts at IVF my husband and I decided to look into acupuncture to assist the IVF procedure, I was a little bit skeptical but went into the treatment with an open mind. We were amazed with the outcome of our next IVF cycle as my body produced considerably more mature eggs and a much higher number fertilised. We went on to have a positive pregnancy test in which Lin gave me weekly treatment support to help reduce the chances of miscarrying up to the 12th week. Lin looked at my individual case and past history in detail to achieve the best possible treatment plan for me. I am very grateful to Lin for my positive outcome.

Sharon, Stockport

High FSH, Verruca

Whilst undergoing acupuncture treatment for fertility and to reduce my FSH. I noticed that a verruca on my toe which I had for a couple of years started to disappear and then completely healed without any other treatment other than the acupuncture. Previously I had tried treatments from the chemist which did not work.

In addition my FSH level reduced from 20 to 5.6. I believe the acupuncture helped this reduction along with eating healthily and taking some prescribed medication from the fertility clinic. Without hesitation I would recommend Lin and the acupuncture treatment she offers, it has definitely made a difference to my health.

Avril, Hyde

Postoperative Recovery

In Aril of this year I developed a nasty finger infection which progressed to gangrene. This involved a hospital stay, many drugs, a lot of distress and fear for the future. I decided to try acupuncture in May initially to bring down the swelling in my hand, which it did almost immediately. I also noted that during sessions my finger began to feel “alive”. I was also aware of the emotional response I was having to treatment. I generally felt more positive and less frightened. The acupuncture had certainly tapped into and connected mind and body.

Lin Du is an excellent practitioner. I feel very comfortable with her. She has a lot of knowledge and experience in both Chinese and western medicine. She has a strong commitment and passion for her work and a sense of humour!

Cait, Manchester

IVF, Psoriasis

I have suffered from psoriasis, very severely at times for the past 32 years. I have tried every remedy traditional and alternative medicine has to offer and every diet under the sun, and nothing has ever made the slightest difference.

In December I started preparations for IVF and began seeing Lin for this purpose. The very next day after my first treatment, I noticed a marked improvement in my psoriasis and form that point, over the next six weeks I watched it completely disappear. I am now still, nine months later, (for the first time in my life since I can remember), psoriasis free. I can’t thank Lin enough for my first summer wearing a skirt with no self-conscious thoughts.

And what is more, I’m now five months pregnant, having been successful at the first attempt at IVF!

Sophie, Didsbury

Chronic pain (back pain, neck pain)

I am a chronic pain sufferer due to an injury at work when I damaged my back whilst lifting a resident at home lea care home in 1999. As a result I sustained a prolapsed and herniated disc in my lower back, resulting in nerve damage. My condition is inoperable and as a result I was directed towards pain management.

I have attended several courses and have been prescribed the full gamut of medication. Over the years my condition has deteriorated with similar symptoms in my neck. I have tried most aids and have seen chiropractors and an osteopath on a regular basis.

My doctor recommended Lin to me and at that time I was on quite a high amount of prescription drugs. During my time in Lin’s care I have experienced unprecedented levels of pain relief and am virtually free of medication. I have got a new lease of life and my condition is now under control for the first time in many years. I cannot praise Lin highly enough and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone in my situation.

Eileen, Stalybridge

Multiple Sclerosis

Lin has done wonders for my MS. I noticed a difference after the first week. I was not as tired and had more energy. She gave me herbs and acupuncture each week. The difference is amazing! I am no longer stiff and can run up the stairs. The burning is not as intense and the horrible ill feeling I used to experience after getting up in the morning has gone so I don’t need gallons of coffee to get me going. All in all I feel much better.

Ann, Derbyshire

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